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What is Electric Fly?

We're a full-service web presence management company based in St. Petersburg, Florida. We have a small team of web developers, internet marketers and eCommerce professionals who have been working on high traffic websites since the mid-1990's.

We have data centers in Florida, Texas and Utah with proven, efficient processes for a stable, effective online presence in the ever-growing, increasingly competitive internet marketplace.

Why choose the Fly?

In one word: experience.

We've been working on the web for a very long time, over 20 years. We've helped to grow the internet since its infancy and have seen technologies evolve, from the first iterations of HTML to present day HTML5 and CSS3. From dialup to broadband, the browser wars to JavaScript, the domain land rush to competitive, growing eCommerce. We've seen it all.

In another word: skill.

We have developers fluent in a variety of programming languages, frameworks and platforms including: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, PHP, Ruby, ASP.net, C#, SQL and more. We're also experts in Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Omnichannel retail, and the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), like Magento, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

We have digital marketers who work in a variety of channels, including: Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Mail Marketing, Re-Marketing, Social Media and Affiliate Advertising.

We have eCommerce specialists who have improved some of the busiest sites on the web, with a proven track record for creative strategies to grow online sales regardless of your industry.

In a final word: value.

We provide high-end, dedicated service at a low cost with a focus on you, the customer: $5.99 web hosting and $15 domain names along with first class web development and digital marketing. A one-stop resource for all of your professional needs on the web.

Electric Fly...stuck in the web since 1994.

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