Services From Concept to Launch, Growth & Sustainment

Web Design

Discovery, planning, design, user experience and wireframing.

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Web Development

Website construction and programming.

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Ongoing website maintenance and troubleshooting.

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Internet Marketing

PPC, SEO, SEM, E-Mail Campaigns, Social Media, Affiliates & More.

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Graphic Design

Powerful images for your website, brand or advertising collateral.

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Grow product sales and expand into multiple online channels.

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eBusiness Analytics

Analysis of KPI's and informed recommendations based on data.

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We'll analyze and improve any area of your eBusiness at any stage.

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Cutting edge HTML with enhanced multimedia support.

CSS3 & Bootstrap

The latest in responsive, mobile-first CSS styling.


Including jQuery, Angular.js, Node.js and more.

Ruby on Rails

A web application framework written in the Ruby programming language.

Cloud Computing & SaaS

Centrally hosted, subscription-based software delivery model.


Math is the most wonderful of all the technologies we use.

Magento 1 & 2

An open source content management system designed for robust eCommerce websites.


A free, open source content management framework written in PHP.


The most popular blogging system on the web.


A server-side scripting language designed for web development.


A special purpose programming language designed for relational databases.

.NET & C#

A Microsoft software framework that runs on Windows.


A free, open source, Unix-like operating system.


Microsoft's famous graphical operating system.


Apple's graphical operating system.


A free, open source content management system for publishing web content.


Google's open source, mobile operating system based on the Linux kernel.


Apple's mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Here at Electric Fly, we're all about value. That is, giving our customers the best possible quality at the lowest possible cost on the desired timeline.

A wise web philosopher once taught us that with any task you want to complete, there are three things that everyone wants:

  1. Get it done right.
  2. Get it done quickly.
  3. Get it done cheap.

However, seasoned professionals know that there is an inevitable truth: you can only ever have two of these things. It goes something like this...

You can get it done right and done quickly, but it won't be cheap.

You can get it done right and cheap, but it won't be fast.

Or, you can do it rapidly for a low cost, but your quality will most certainly suffer.

These are the days of our lives.

Electric Fly will constantly strive to get you as close to the ideal as humanly possible. Timely, effective work at a cost that makes sense for your business.